Yoga, Meditation en Mindfulness

Corinne is a certified Vinyasa Yoga teacher, trained at Yoga Moves in Utrecht.

“People often start yoga with the asanas (the yoga poses). The body changes and mostly gets stronger, more flexible and thinner. After a while of practicing, they also start to notice subtle changes in their way of being, such as: they feel more relaxed and calm, while at the same time more vital and energetic. They are living their live with more awareness and feel more in balance.”

So there is much more to discover from yoga than only the physical dimension. Corinne’s passion lies especially in:

  • Getting aware of and relieving body blockages

  • Emotional awareness, acceptance and integration

  • Mindfulness and the acceptance of thoughts

  • Behaviour, not only what but how we do things

  • How to use internal images (also often used in sports psychology)

  • Connection with ourselves, others and the world around us

  • Belief and how to create meaning in our lives